Update – May 3, 2021

May 3, 2021

WHAT IS A HEADER TANK? – May 3, 2021

With multiple tanks, you will probably want to drain to a common tank, called a header tank, and pump the fuel from that point. It is the lowest place in the system, and is how we do it in the Switchblade.
Most aircraft have two tanks, but separate them left and right in the wings. You have to switch from one tank to the other, which does allow you to isolate a fuel leak, should one occur during flight. It is also a point that causes difficulty, as if a pilot lets one tank run dry, the engine stops, and the pilot can panic and forget to switch tanks, leading to a forced landing when it wasn’t necessary.
This is our header tank, all plumbed up with a fuel pump inside, ready to provide the go-juice for the engine.

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