Update – July 8, 2018

July 8, 2018


The wings of the Switchblade swing out from beneath clamshell doors in the belly of the vehicle. The aluminum belly pan seals off the underside of the Switchblade, fully protecting the wings from road grime, rocks, etc.  Above, Switchblade Owner and Aircraft Mechanic Don Lindsey is starting the process of fabricating the belly pan, using a 4 ft x 12 ft sheet of specialty aluminum.

In the photo above, Don Lindsey is wielding the electric cutters, while Dana Beebe, Brent Burch and Ron Burch (left to right) help steady the aluminum sheet. It wants to vibrate so they are ensuring the template and sheet stay in place.

Dana Beebe, Nick Leonard (center) and Brent Burch review the engineering drawings for the ribs on the belly pan. These ribs give the belly pan structural strength and help it keep its stiff shape. The belly pan measures 4 ft wide by 11 ft long.

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