Update – July 30, 2018

July 30, 2018

RESERVATIONS TOP 100 AT OSHKOSH 2018! – July 30, 2018

One metric of a successful event is more people signing up for what you have to offer. In our case, it was a huge 104 Reservations for the week, which took us to Reservation Position #761. We ended AirVenture with Switchblade Owners and Reservation Holders in 20 countries internationally and 46 States in the U.S. Here you can see Fred Fandler (right) – retired Airline Captain, and Switchblade Owner and Ambassador with his long-time friend Tony Turinsky. Tony has been flying for 50 years, and gives FAA classes on flying Alaska. He reserved his Switchblade at AirVenture and is the first to do so from the beautiful state of Alaska.

In addition to all the people reserving, we had over 600 new people subscribe to the eNewsletter.  Both Reservations and Newsletter sign-ups were at an all-time high, far surpassing any other event in Samson’s history. We also received highest ever inquiries from qualified investors.

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