Update – July 18, 2018

July 18, 2018

OUR 5 BLADE PROPELLER – July 18, 2018

Recently, we received these 5 new prop blades designed by Trek Aerospace.  Trek has an amazing track record of producing viable ducted fan propeller systems. These blades have a slightly different pitch, which was required due to a decrease in rpm from the engine. Above, you can see bolts being put in, holding together the top and bottom halves of the hub. They were tightened to the exact right tolerance, per the engineering specifications.

The photo above gives a different view of the pitch of the prop blades. Made by Sterna Propeller, this prop should take us to a top flying speed of 190 mph and be very quiet as well. In addition to liking its high performance, many people think this propeller is a work of art.

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