Update Blog – September 18, 2020

September 18, 2020


The transmission was reinstalled once the new bearing arrived and was installed. We had to remove one of the gears and have a groove enlarged, as the keeper on that gear was too thin and could not hold up to forces within the transmission itself. As it failed, pieces of that failed keeper damaged the bearings, which is why we changed them out.

Additionally, the change from a turbocharged V4 engine to a supercharged V4 engine meant a change in mounting things. The supercharger is belt driven, as is the alternator. The turbo was driven by exhaust pressure. Shown in this image mounted to the top of the gear reduction drive for the propeller are two mounts. The left one is for the alternator and looks like Captain Hook’s left arm. The right circular mount is for the supercharger. The belt drive is on the other side of these mounts, and we will show that final assembly coming up soon.

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