Traveling the way the rich and famous do

May 9, 2016

How many television programs and movies depict the luxurious way the rich and famous travel?  It must hold some interest for those of us who aren’t (yet) in this category.  So how do these people travel?  While there are as many variations as there are travelers, several points stand out.

First, they travel when they want to – on their own personalized schedule.  Second, they frequently travel by private jet.  Third, they employ people who make sure they have a smooth trip with minimal delays. Fourth, they have the means to create flexibility in their travel – shortening, extending or changing travel plans as it suits them.

Some of you may be thinking, “Yeah great, so now I just need to make $10M and I can travel like they do.”  Well, the reality is that this type of travel is well within the means of many, many people who are not wealthy.  In three words, Flying Sports Car. Let’s go over what it can get you in relation to the points listed above.

1) With a flying car, you can travel when and where you want. You set the schedule. You drive when you want to drive and fly when you want to fly.

2)  You don’t require a pricy jet. Sure they are fast and can often take you thousands of miles, but if you’re making shorter trips you can do just fine in a flying car.  In fact, you may even save more time flying a fast small plane because they can land at more airports that might be closer to where you’re going. The big jets require a big runway, which is much less frequently available. And FYI, the Switchblade, which has been nicknamed the “Flying Ferrari”, is very cool and sexy. It’s going to turn heads.

3) You don’t need to hire anyone. No professional pilot – you can fly your flying car yourself, as long as you have a private pilot certificate. You don’t need a personal assistant making your travel plans. You don’t need to schedule a limo to take you to and from the airport – because you drive your flying car there. Just like the rich and famous, you will never have to go through security, never wait in line for a rental car, and never sit and wait due to poor service from others.

4) With a flying car, you have the greatest flexibility imaginable. If you fly somewhere special for dinner you can decide to stay the night at a B & B or great hotel or you can fly or drive home.  If you’re exploring a wonderful place and you want to extend your stay, you’re in control.  On the other hand, if the weather turns bad and you decide to cut short your trip, you can fly out or if the weather isn’t safe for flying you can drive – not being stopped. Even private jets can be grounded in severe weather.  In a Switchblade, you won’t be.

My point here is that you can have the dream. You can travel like the rich and famous, without that hefty bank account and a $4.5M jet. And just think, you won’t have to deal with the hassles of having people follow you around, try to get your autograph, photograph you and all the junk that celebrities have to contend with when they travel. You can just travel in style and have a great time!

–  Virginia Hall

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