The Cure to ‘Get-there-itis’

October 25, 2016

A pilot friend of mine introduced me to the concept of ‘Get-there-itis’.  It is a made up term for a condition where a private pilot has a very strong desire to get to their destination, which may lead to someone flying in unsafe conditions. While this condition is not in any medical books, it is none-the-less something very serious, and has lead to many aviation accidents and even fatalities.

‘Get-there-itis” can strike at various times. Perhaps you are traveling to a relative’s house for a holiday reunion, or trying to get home in time for a child’s or grandchild’s birthday or big game. In business travel, there can be meetings or events that would have serious consequences if you missed them. I’m sure you can think of examples that you have experienced when you were traveling.

Many pilots I’ve spoken to are convinced that a flying car – specifically the Switchblade – is the cure to ‘Get-there-itis”. The reason is simple. With a flying car, you always have the option to either fly or drive. If the weather on part of your trip is unsafe for flying, you just drive that segment of it. You can make the choice.

Say you’re flying along and weather ahead looks troublesome. You simply find a nearby airport – there are over 5,000 in the U.S. – you land, transition into driving mode, and continue on your way. In a Switchblade flying sports car, it takes under two minutes to swing the wings forward and stow them safely under clamshell doors in the belly of the vehicle.  The tail moves forward, up against the rear duct where the propeller is housed, and you’ve got a three-wheeled sports car.

Of course, ultimately the good judgement of the driver/pilot is what counts. Knowing what you’re capable of flying in, what’s safe and what’s not, and making the right call. But having a vehicle capable of getting you to your destination by flying and driving, greatly increases the safely factor and is undeniably a huge benefit.

–  Frank Jones

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