Switchblade Progress Report: October 4, 2013

October 4, 2013

The wind tunnel model is almost complete! One of our team members Ron Birch is shown sanding down the white oak test model.

Here is Ron starting to paint the model a very nice pearl color!

After sanding and painting here is our pearl wind tunnel model.

We received three sets of front torsion bar suspension parts. We will assemble them and attach them to the front suspension arm holding the wheel. This will give us a nearly complete front end assembly for ground testing and drop testing for strength.

Here is CEO Sam Bousfield sitting in the wooden prototype mockup. We created this mockup to get a feel for leg room, head room and more. We wanted to physically see and feel the leg room and ease of reach for the controls, as well as visibility through the windows and windshield. The biggest person tested was 6’5″ with plenty of leg and head room.

Blue skies from the Samson team!

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