Switchblade Progress Report, October 10, 2011

October 10, 2011

The 1/4 scale radio control model and wind tunnel model is making progress. The cnc (computer numerically controlled) machining has been accomplished, and the body, tail and wing shapes are ready for the prep work to make molds. Once the molds are made, parts will be manufactured from them for the fiberglass panels that make up the body, tail and wing. (Main wings are shown at right).

We opted for cnc machining because it gives us a very accurate reproduction of the shapes involved. Some calculations will need to be applied to the wind tunnel results to correct them for effects (since the model is not full scale, this influences the results, and that is corrected for with math equations).

These equations will be done immediately after the wind tunnel work. Below are shown the vertical tail pieces and horizontal tail pieces. At the bottom of the image you can see the horizontal tail cross-sections shown where they intersect the larger verticals.

Our funding has opened up, and we are moving ahead faster now. I anticipate more funding potentials closing soon, and that will only mean more progress to report to you on upcoming Progress Pages!

-The Samson Team

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