Solomon Jones–

Software Designer, Pilot & Futurist

The flying car has been attempted before, but the Switchblade finally brings everything together into a superb package that combines practicality and fun.”

When I first heard about the Switchblade, I immediately knew it was my next vehicle, even though I was not yet a pilot. The flying cars of the future had arrived and I was not going to be left behind. I started studying and soon had submitted my order to Samson.

The flying car has been attempted before, but the Switchblade finally brings everything together into a superb package that combines practicality and fun. On one hand, it is a fast single engine airplane, on the other, it is a high performance composite sports car. Both of which are rare at this price point, yet I am getting both at the same time with the Switchblade.

Creating a flying car is a bit like threading a needle. On the regulatory front, you have to contend with both the rules of the road and airspace, and the constant changes in both. The Switchblade brilliantly finds a stable and compatible set of regulations in experimental aircraft and motorcycles. On the engineering front, you have the challenge of making the same vehicle both drive well and fly well. This has traditionally meant serious sacrifices in both modes. The Switchblade outclasses most cars at this price point as well as most airplanes at this price point. The Switchblade is a fantastic combination of brilliant planning and impeccable design.

The Samson team won my confidence by being extremely passionate about this project. Every detail is carefully considered and engineered by their talented team. They have leveraged outside expertise to ensure the design and construction are top notch and are testing the product to high standards, exceeding the legal requirements.

I also appreciate that the Switchblade is available as an experimental kit airplane. This makes ownership easier by giving me the option to make repairs or improvements myself. I can work on it in my garage at home, or, since it is also a car, easily drive it or tow it to any shop I choose.

There is no better way to travel when you are going a state or two away. I simply go to my garage, drive over to my airport, fly to the destination airport, and drive off the tarmac directly to my destination. What are the biggest hassles in travel? To me, it is all the waiting. Finding a parking space at the airport. Waiting for luggage. Waiting for security. Waiting at the gate. Waiting for a rental car or ride. The Switchblade eliminates all these hassles.

When the weather turns bad in the sky, I will be able to drive under the weather. When the ground is slushy from a recent snow, I will be able to fly over it. When bad weather is localized, I can drive to the next airport and fly from there. With the Switchblade, there is always a way to complete your trip.

I cannot wait to park my airplane in my garage at home and mix driving and flying in the same trip without having to worry about rental cars or having to return to fetch my plane. Never again will weather cancel my trips. Door-to-door aviation in any weather is here!

Solomon Jones – Wisconsin, USA