Paul Carrette –

Mechanical Engineer, Inventor, Pilot

This is going to be an incredible game changer!

I’ve always liked to build things and growing up on a farm gave me lots of opportunities to do that. Also, being good at math and science, I eventually decided to become a Mechanical Engineer. In 1989, I graduated with my college degree and became gainfully employed with a great company in Omaha, Nebraska.

It was there that I determined to get my pilot’s license, since all my college friends lived 4 to 6 hours away by car. I also thought that if I ever started my own company it would be nice to fly to my customers as well. The thing that was always a challenge was that since I was a VFR pilot (Visual Flight Rules), I was not trained to fly strictly by my flight instruments when there was poor visibility. I could never totally predict the weather, so I couldn’t determine if I was going to be able to get back from my weekend trips on Sunday, in time to get to work on Monday morning. I remember thinking that it sure would be nice to have an airplane that you could drive on the road if the weather did not allow you to fly!

Fast forward 30 some years. In 2011, with God’s direction, I did start my own company, FlagShooter, Inc. We have customers in 40 different states, which I enjoy visiting. Again, I thought about how nice it would be to fly and drive there, without worrying about the weather. As an early Switchblade Pre-flight buyer, I will soon have the flying car I’ve always wanted!

In 2021, FlagShooter will be celebrating our 10-year anniversary. We hope to wrap our Switchblade with our company logo and use it as a business tool. We’ll be taking it to tradeshows, parades and the such to promote our business and the Switchblade. Whose head won’t be turned by this technology!

We also have a second Switchblade reserved, because my kids, who plan on helping me build the first one, may be interested in one as well. Once the Switchblade flies, I don’t want to wait at the end of a huge line to get our second vehicle.

Similar to many others, I like to envision what the future holds and enjoy seeing how technology changes people’s lives. Just think of how electricity revolutionized our standard of living! My family and I are very excited to be a part of the Samson Switchblade endeavor. This is going to be an incredible game changer!

Paul Carrette – South Dakota, USA