Ken Chatham II & Ken Sr.

Pilots, Angel Flight Volunteers, Driver Education School Owners

We have introduced the Switchblade to well over 7,000 of our students and feel very comfortable recommending it.

We were attracted to the Samson Switchblade when Sam Bousfield presented it as a concept at Oshkosh back in 2007. He struck us then, as he does now, as being highly committed, and devoted to developing and producing a superior, high quality, and exceptional vehicle.  Many other groups have worked on the concept, but have either failed, produced flying  ‘kites’ or vehicles ill-suited for both highway and air operation.  The Samson Switchblade strikes us as extremely functional and enjoyable in both realms.

Sam has remained focused on producing a sleek, eye-catching, dynamic, solidly build, and most importantly, safe vehicle.  It surpasses the classic idea of either a roadable aircraft or a flying car. As driver education instructors, we place paramount importance on safety. Incorporation of the whole vehicle parachute system and the futuristic synthetic vision avionics demonstrate Samson’s desire to produce one of the safest planes in the sky.

The carbon fiber fuselage makes it stronger than aluminum. Side impact protection, virtual rear view mirror providing rear-view monitoring, and front and rear crumple zones provide a highway vehicle that rivals the safest automobiles. The air-conditioned, spacious, custom designed interior adds luxury to both the airborne and highway operating experience. Utilization of cutting-edge flight instruments underlies the emphasis on quality. Offering the opportunity for us to build our aircraft at the Samson Builder Assist Center with the assistance of experienced technicians, exemplifies the company’s commitment to guaranteeing quality construction, providing help every step of the way, and getting us operational as efficiently as possible.

We have been impressed with the outstanding, award-winning consultants Samson has assembled to provide expertise. We have also been impressed that Sam has repeatedly requested input and feedback from Switchblade Owners and has called us personally to converse. Behind every great guy is usually a great wife and it is no different with Sam and Martha Bousfield. Sam could not have devoted the countless hours, remained entirely focused and accomplished this dream vehicle without Martha’s extreme commitment to both him and the project.

Among the many great uses we have for our Switchblade, we especially look forward to using it for our Angel Flights. Angel Flight is a terrific program whose members provide free air transportation for people in need of medical treatment far from home.  We really enjoy this volunteer work and have met so many wonderful people over the years. Now we’ll be able to take them door to door – from home to the hospital or doctor’s office – in a Switchblade.

We have introduced the Switchblade to well over 7,000 of our students and feel very comfortable recommending it. We believe in Sam and Martha and the entire Switchblade team!

Ken Chatham II & Ken Chatham Sr. – Virginia, USA