Gary Moore

Former U.S. Marine fighter pilot, College Professor

The Switchblade is the answer, as it offers air and ground travel without compromising safety or cost-effectiveness.

As a former Marine fighter pilot and aircraft owner, I want an affordable and unique opportunity to fly again. The Switchblade is the answer, as it offers air and ground travel without compromising safety or cost-effectiveness.

After many years of watching the airplane industry, I was frustrated with the continuing prospect of paying tie down or hangar fees and hassling with rental cars at many of our desired destinations. However, several years ago, I happened upon the Switchblade website. I spent several hours reading and researching anything I could find concerning flying cars and, more specifically, the Switchblade. With a ton of questions and guarded optimism, I called the Samson office and talked with Sam Bousfield, CEO of the company and designer of the Switchblade. Sam was very patient and thorough in answering all of my questions. At the end of the conversation, I was completely convinced that Sam and his team were knowledgeable and capable enough to accomplish this incredibly exciting task.

I knew then that I wanted to be part of this history making project.  My wife, Sharon, and I became Switchblade owners and we cannot wait to build our own. A couple of years later, we were thrilled to have the privilege of meeting both Sam and his wife, Martha. They both are lovely, gracious people. But do not let their calm, quiet personalities fool you. These are driven, dedicated, hard working inventors, designers, marketers, and very capable business people who will get this project to first flight.

While visiting with Sam and Martha, I actually had the privilege of sitting in the Switchblade Ground Test Vehicle. The quality of the engineering and project planning was truly impressive.

Sharon and I plan to use our Switchblade to continue travelling our beautiful country. We enjoyed touring the U.S. and Canada in our RV a few years ago. Before we sold it, we had visited 178 U.S. national parks. We are, indeed, blessed with a stunning country which offers everything from sunny shores, captivating deserts, and majestic mountains. Our Switchblade will make our travels so much faster, more convenient, and more enjoyable. This will also allow us to expand our philanthropic endeavors and meet face to face with the various organization principals.

The Switchblade is truly a revolutionary vehicle. Until now, there was no convenient way to fly to all of your destinations and quickly access ground transportation. Now you can. Before now, you may have been grounded by stormy weather in the middle of your trip. With the Switchblade, you merely select ground mode in your flying/driving vehicle and safely drive away from the storm while heading toward that important destination. With the advanced glass cockpit instrumentation, incredibly strong carbon fiber body, and integrated whole vehicle parachute, the Switchblade promises to be a fun, safe, and practical answer to your business needs and your leisure travel.

Sharon and I look forward to the exciting and practical world of driving and flying a Switchblade!

Gary Moore – Tennessee, USA