Derek – 

Entrepreneur, Investor, Traveler, Adventurist

This is enjoyment. This is freedom.

I’ve wanted to build a plane and be a recreational pilot for decades. Why? Simply for the enjoyment of travel. And to fuel that dream, I’ve either driven or flown across the country to attend the AirVenture show in Oshkosh on many occasions. Always my interest was high, but I was hesitant to get involved in the most heavily regulated recreational activity in the United States.

Plus, there is something to not like about being ‘stuck’ at the beginning and end of a flight. Without ground transportation to continue my travel once I get where I’m going, owning a plane to make trips more convenient, seems like a wrong answer to me. Sure, I could deal with rental car agencies everywhere I wanted to go – if they existed – but what a hassle.

So, that’s why I’ve been watching the various flying car projects so hopefully for the past decade. I wanted to find something that is as functional and good looking on the ground as it is in the air. Having driven more than a million miles on ‘road trips’ over the years, a practical design is something that matters to me. Plus, being able to easily switch from flying to driving when the conditions require it, would mean a road/air trip could continue unabated, despite the circumstances.

Thus far, the attempts to solve the problem have been – well let’s just say, most of the solutions are not very elegant. But the Switchblade is, and that’s why I bought one.

This is enjoyment. This is freedom.

Derek – Taiwan