Brad Kratz –

Husband/Dad, Pilot, Business Owner, Flying Enthusiast

That visit to the Samson Pavilion ruined the next 2 days at OSHKOSH ‘19! 😊 All I could think about was how this Flying Car would change my life! 

As I look back through the 48 years of my existence, there are several things that I can’t recall ever being without the desire to do! #1: It was drilled into me from my infancy, the importance of “treating others as I would want to be treated”, #2: owning and operating businesses, and #3: FLYING!

At the age of 19 I purchased my first business. In less than two years It failed and I was forced to close. Although I struggled with defeat, I was determined to do it again someday! Life seemed to happen and I could not afford to get my pilot license, so I opted to get into flying ultralights. This did help to curb the hunger of flying for a few years but did not replace the desire to become a “real” pilot! 

Fast forward a number of years and my goals have become a reality! I have been blessed in many ways including becoming a pilot, owning several airplanes, owning a flight school and several other businesses. I fully believe that if you want something badly enough, you can get it! It just takes some sacrifice and determination! NEVER SELL YOURSELF SHORT!

While trying to find a place to get out of the “instant rainstorm” at OSHKOSH 2019, I ran to a big pavilion with space available to stay dry… after shaking off the extra water, I thought I might just have a look around. I instantly thought, “Now what is this crazy bright red thing sitting in the middle?” I was approached by a kind lady asking me if she could be of help or answer any questions. I told her sorry, I was just looking for shelter – but while I have you, what is that thing? When she said “Flying Car” I was hooked!  

After about 20 minutes of conversation, I Reserved my Switchblade! That visit to the Samson Pavilion ruined the next 2 days at OSHKOSH ‘19! 😊 All I could think about was how this Flying Car would change my life! 

We typically have the need for business travel within a 100-mile radius and although our Robinson R44 (4-seat light helicopter) does a great job, the problem always begins after landing at the airport. We need to travel 10-15 miles to the various meetings, etc. This AMAZING vehicle will be a game changer for a lot of people with the same type of scenario to deal with. That is without even considering the “COOL” factor! 

After learning a little about Samson Sky and its owner and his determination and sacrifice, I NEEDED to become a part of that process and buy-in early. 😊 When someone believes in an idea to the point of being willing to pursue it with the determination I have come to understand, I have complete confidence that we will see it become reality. 

My desire is to continue to promote flying and to help get as many people interested and excited about it as possible!  I placed the following words on the wall in our office reception area for all that enter to see, “The difficult we can do, the impossible takes a little longer.”

Brad Kratz – Pennsylvania, USA