Oct 3 & 4: Prineville Airport Aviation Education Air-Fair

September 21, 2015


October 3 & 4, 2015

PRINEVILLE AIRPORT (S39) – Prineville, Oregon 97754

4019 SW Aviation Blvd. (follow signs to hangar)

This Air-Fair offers a unique opportunity to attend a combination of several aviation education presentations in one weekend.

The AOPA RUSTY-PILOT PROGRAM (FREE Course) Presented by Amanda Vansickle & Delia Colvin. Reception hosted by Samson Sky.
The AVIATION WEATHER ANALYSIS & SELF-BRIEFING PROGRAM ($50 per student) Presented by Delia Colvin, Fly-Rite Pilot Education. Reception hosted by Samson Sky.
NEW AOPA “NO PILOT TO CO-PILOT” course for non-pilots (FREE Course) Lead Presenter Sean Killion, CFI. Reception hosted by Samson Sky.


Join us for Prineville EAA Chapter 417’s Pancake Breakfast at 7:00 am – donations are appreciated. 

Saturday, October 3  –  8:00AM – 12:00PM

AOPA RUSTY PILOT PRESENTATION: The focus of this free course is to help pilots, who have not flown for a while, get updated and look forward to getting back into active flying. If desired, the required Flight portion for obtaining a current Flight Review can be done while at the presentation by scheduling a flight with a flight Instructor.  Presented by Amanda Van Sickle & Delia Colvin.

The course will cover:

  • FAA regulations
  • Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)
  • FAA medical requirements
  • Airspace and common regulations
  • Weather and internet briefings  (presented by Delia Colvin)
  • FSS (Flight Service Station)  & flight watch overview  (presented by Delia Colvin)
  • Communications
  • Traffic pattern protocol
  • Incursion avoidance
  • Pilot responsibilities

Samson Sky will host a reception & refreshments at the completion of the course, with a short presentation by Samson Switchblade designer, Sam Bousfield. 

Please join us for lunch after the Rusty Pilot Program from 12:15-1:15PM (small fee)

REGISTER : http://www.aopa.org/Rusty-Pilots/2015/October/Air-Fair-OR-October-3. For additional information about this program from AOPA go to: www.rustypilot.org. or call 800-USA-AOPA.

The instructors will also provide additional localized information that is pertinent to each topic for flying in the Central Oregon geographic locations. Each participant who completes the entire Rusty Pilot course will receive an AOPA Certificate of Completion and a logbook endorsement for the Ground School Requirements for their Flight Review. All pilots are required to complete a Flight Review every 2 years to be able to fly as pilot in command (PIC).


Saturday, October 3  –  1:30PM-4:30PM

AVIATION WEATHER ANALYSIS & SELF-BRIEFING PROGRAM: This special aviation weather course will be presented by Delia Colvin, a renowned aviation weather expert from Fly-Rite Pilot Education. Delia is a FAA FAASTeam Representative and her course  qualifies for FAA “WINGS” credits.

The course will cover:

  • Basic Weather System Characteristics
  • Analyzing Satellite and Beginning Radar
  • Tips for anticipating possible non-forecast weather.
  • Mountain flying and available tools to enhance your safety
  • Tools for self-briefing
  • Walking through several weather briefings and analyzing potential hazards that may not be obvious

Samson Sky will host a Reception & refreshments following the course, including a short presentation by Samson Switchblade designer, Sam Bousfield

Please join us for lunch before the Aviation Weather Program from 12:15-1:15 PM (small fee).

REGISTER: www.fly-rite.com or call 818-817-1944. Online reviews of this course from CFI’s, Airline Pilots, FAA Trainee’s, etc., have all been five stars. The typical price for this type of course is  $100 and Delia is offering this newly developed course for only $50 per student.


Sunday, October 4  –  9:00AM – 11:30 AM

AOPA NO PILOT TO CO-PILOT PRESENTATION: This is a brand new, updated version of the old “Pinch Hitter” course that AOPA did successfully for many years. The Pinch Hitter Course has been very popular over the years and will help non-pilots, who fly frequently with companions, better understand what’s going on in the cockpit.  Presented by Sean Killion, CFI.

This course will cover:

  • Aircraft instruments
  • Flight controls & controlling the aircraft
  • Radio communications & basic navigation
  • Airport traffic patterns
  • Check List
  • Charts
  • See & avoid
  • How to become a pilot
  • Basic aerodynamics

Samson Sky will host a reception immediately following this course, with refreshments & a short presentation by Sam Bousfield, designer of the Samson Switchblade Flying Car.

REGISTER: https://samson.formstack.com/forms/no_pilot_to_copilot or call 855-772-6766.

For additional information please contact:

Larry Moore
Community Relations Director
Samson Sky, Inc.
239-560-7893 – cell
855-772-6766 – office
[email protected]

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

Delia Colvin
Fly-Rite Pilot Education

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