October 30, 2023

What are the 5 promising flying cars that will soon be seen on land and in the air?

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Although some use the term “flying car” to refer to all types of vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, such as the Cadillac eVTOL and the Uber Elevate, we would classify them as a personal helicopter and air taxi, respectively.

For this list, we have focused on real flying cars, that is, aircraft capable of driving on the street and flying through the air.

Many companies have tried to make them over the years, but only a few have plans to bring them to production.

Samson Sky Switchblade

This wedge-shaped two-seater places its wings below the cabin (like many airplanes) and transforms from flying machine to autocycle [3-wheeled, fully enclosed vehicle] in less than three minutes.

Samson Sky has permission from the FAA to begin testing its airworthiness, and we’re told production will begin 22 months after the first official (i.e. publicized) flight of the Switchblade, which the company has yet to claim.

To shorten the path to production, it is a kit vehicle, which faces fewer regulatory hurdles than a machine built by a manufacturer. That means, however, that owners must assemble 51% of the Switchblade themselves.

Fortunately, Samson Sky plans to guide you through the process at one of their construction centers, when they are created. This in-person guide is included in the flying trike’s $170,000 base price.

Note: The original article was written in Spanish.

Yuniet Blanco, Author

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