Making it easier to go skiing

January 25, 2016

No doubt about it, skiing is a blast.  Man vs. mountain, with lots of thrills and exhilaration. I always look forward to it.  I don’t even mind the 3 hour drive there.  What kills me is the 3 hour drive home.  I’m tired. I’m sore.  That long in the car afterwards, my muscles just seem to tense up and the 3 hour trip home makes me reconsider even making the trip in the first place.

When I spend the night and ski for two days, the drive makes sense.  There are a lot of times though when I’ve got one day free but I don’t have two.  With a flying car like the Switchblade, I can greatly expand my skiing fun and cut down my drive time.  And if the weather turns bad while I’m skiing, I can always drive home.

-Martin Swift

Photo by: Scott Elnes

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