January 9, 2023

We have a leading-arm front suspension. Yeah, bad joke. Well, one of our engineers working on Production Engineering was doing a deep dive on front suspension recently and found an issue with the current setup that he felt was potentially a problem. We confirmed that with a race car suspension consultant and decided that for safety reasons, a change would be needed before we flew. We were already packing up for test flying out of town and of course wanted to get on the road.

But, safety rules this process, so we used this to our advantage and engineered a change that allows us to raise the nose for take-off so that we can take off sooner on any runway. Sort of a two-for-one solution that makes the wait almost bearable. The basic aerodynamics of this is that by raising the nose slightly, we also change the angle of the body and wings, allowing us to get more lift.

The image shows the modified front leading-arm with the wheel mount dropped to raise the nose. We have the nose cone and front wheel off to do this work.

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