Going the extra mile for your clients and customers

August 22, 2016

There are certainly numerous ways you can go the extra mile for your clients and customers. Countless articles have been written on the subject. I would venture a guess, however, that none of these articles involved using a flying car for business travel.

Sales people, company executives and consultants typically try to be very responsive to the needs of their customers. Even when we are located only hours away from our business associates, much business takes place via email and online meetings. But sometimes, you really need to have a face-to-face conversation.

How valuable would it be to your clients to have you arrive at their office, making the extra effort to make that happen? With a Switchblade Flying Sports Car, you could drive from your home or your office to the nearest airport, swing the wings out and extend the tail, and fly to an airport close to your client’s office. Then you could drive the last miles, making those on-demand meetings much more feasible. No long hours stuck in traffic. No commercial flights with reservations and delays, TSA lines, rental cars, etc. You travel from point A to point B, where and when you want.

Being able to communicate directly with a customer, allows you to resolve problems, assess the situation, and be there when you’re really needed. This is the kind of service that people remember – and tell their business associates about. When you need to put you own eyes on what’s happening in a facility, troubleshoot, or directly examine something that has been reported, you can drive and fly – getting there in a fraction of the time traditional transportation allows.

Some people simply pay lip service to the idea of being “responsive” to their customers. Eventually, their customers see through that. But for those who pride themselves on being truly responsive to the needs of their clients, a flying car can be a powerful tool. It can give you the opportunity to be responsive in a meaningful way. Being there when it counts, doing that extra coordination, troubleshooting. And meeting face-to-face with people provides a superior level of communication. That alone can save the day.

To me, going the extra mile is caring about the people you do business with. Giving them great service. Getting the job done, regardless of the barriers. It doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult or involve great personal sacrifice. In fact, with a Switchblade it can even be enjoyable. Not to mention that with a flying sports car, you have the option of flying or driving that ‘extra mile’.

– Martha Hall Bousfield

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