Getting to remote places

February 22, 2016

I grew up in northern Minnesota and loved it when my dad would take my brother and me fishing.  There was nothing more enjoyable to us even at a young age, than sitting in a boat with him out on a beautiful, peaceful lake.  Sometimes we were the only boat on the lake and it was such fun waiting for that nibble, especially if it was a walleyed pike!  Yum!

My dad had a few favorite lakes, but they were quite a distance from our town and being a business owner, he didn’t have that much spare time, even on weekends.  He also didn’t like to take us kids on that long drive, so most of the time we’d go to nearby lakes, which were also nice, but I think he was probably wishing we were at one of his favorites.

What a blessing it would have been for us to have a flying car like the Switchblade to fly into the little nearby airport and then drive the short distance to the lakes.  I know my dad would have loved it and so would my brother and I.

Well, those northern lakes are still there, waiting for a Switchblade owner to come and catch some of those walleyed pikes.  However, as partial as I am to Minnesota lakes, I know there are many good fishing lakes in other states that are just waiting for flying car owners too!

-Marcia Winborne-Graven

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