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May 23, 2024

New Minnesota legislation permits flying cars

The Swtichblade flying car in flight mode. (Photo by Samson Sky)

A new transportation law passed in Minnesota includes provisions for flying cars.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz recently signed into law a bipartisan transportation bill package that, among other things, contains a provision for “roadable aircraft,” described as an airplane that can be driven to and from an airport or private landing strip.

The bill package includes regulations to allow roadable aircraft a clear method of state registration, allowing their use on roads and highways.

The new legislation specifies that drivers of roadable aircraft are required to adhere to the rules of the road while driving, the same as any other car, truck, bicycle or motorcycle.

As with any small aircraft, you are not allowed to take off from or land on public roads or other landing areas, unless you have declared an emergency, as is accepted under existing rules for aircraft, noted officials with Samson Sky, which is developing the Switchblade Flying Sports Car.

”I’m happy that there was such a great show of support from the state legislature,” said Samson Sky’s legislative analyst Russell Bousfield, who provided industry input to Minnesota’s Senate Transportation and Public Safety Committee. “It was also great to see independent interest for using roadable aircraft for business and travel in Minnesota.”

Minnesota is the second state in the nation to pass such legislation, after New Hampshire’s 2020 passage of the first-ever legislation for state registration of roadable aircraft. Samson Sky was one of three flying car companies who provided industry input to New Hampshire legislators on the bill, which is known as the “Jetson Bill.”

Other companies offering their input included flying car companies Terrafugia, which is now based in China, and PAL-V, a Dutch company with an office in New Hampshire.

Two US companies — Samson Sky and Alef — and two European companies —Pal-V and Klein — are expected to start production on their flying cars in 2025.

Samson’s flying sports car had its maiden flight in November 2023, with company officials reporting that they have received reservations from more than 50 countries around the world.

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