Gaining An Unfair Advantage

July 12, 2016

What does it mean to say someone has an unfair advantage? Business-wise this could mean there are regulations stacked in your favor, or that you have insider connections giving you opportunities that others may not get. Perhaps it also includes a person or business having such a huge advantage that the competition simply doesn’t stand a chance.

Let’s look at how using a flying car in business could qualify as giving you an unfair advantage. Say you use your Switchblade Flying Car to promote your company, driving and flying it to business events and meetings. How much more attention could you attract than the competitor who travels in a typical car, even a pricy sports car? And what could your vehicle communicate to your clients or prospects? That you’re successful? Cutting edge? Can go almost anywhere anytime?

Another advantage would be using your flying car, with its custom paint job or vinyl wrap to advertise your product or service. You’re going to stand out as one in a million. You could keep it simple and classy – with door panel graphics, business logo, name, website, etc.  What about using your corporate colors on your vehicle for a totally unique look? Or you could get wild and make a zebra or leopard pattern on the entire vehicle. This could be especially fitting for a veterinarian. (Our business associates in South Africa really loved the Switchblade leopard design.)

Then there’s the unfair advantage gained by using a vehicle that is so much more efficient that it’s in a category of its own. In a Switchblade you can fly at up to 175 mph, cruise at 160 mph and travel 400 miles on a tank of gas. Point-to-point travel is by far the most efficient way to travel. No delays, no waiting in TSA or rental car lines, no being stuck in traffic for hours on end.

Lastly, I would like to remind you that unlike the competition, who travel in regular cars or planes, you always have the option to fly or drive. If weather is not safe for flying, you simply land at a nearby airport, swing in the wings of your Switchblade and slide the tail back, and continue under the storm until it’s safe to fly again. You are never stopped. Just imagine how much more productive this mode of transportation could allow you to be. It gives new meaning to the phrase “leave them in the dust”.

So maybe an unfair advantage isn’t really so unfair after all. Maybe it’s just a matter of making smart business decisions, including your decision to have a vehicle that is in such a class of its own that you elevate yourself to being in a class of your own.

–  Virginia Hall

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