Finding the best vehicle for the mission

June 14, 2016

In business, no one would ever question the importance of having a well thought out strategy and having the correct personnel for a job. But what about having the right vehicle to transport your executives or sales team? If they need to fly, what will be the best aircraft for a particular mission or use?

Now it goes without saying that if your mission involves making trans-Atlantic flights or flying thousands of miles, you are going to need a jet – either private or commercial. But let’s look at missions within a smaller radius of your home base. A plane with a range of several hundred miles, traveling at 150-200 mph, could start to look very attractive. I would like to invite you to consider the unique qualities provided by a plane that also drives – otherwise known as a flying car.

First off, with a flying car, you are getting two modes of transportation in one. This gives you options that a typical car or plane can’t match. If traffic is horrible, you can fly (hopefully bypassing most of it). If weather conditions are poor for flying, you can drive on under the storm and resume flying when it’s safe. Basically, you won’t ever be stopped. You’ll be in control, not wasting time at the mercy of traffic, flight delays, and scheduling hassles.

Secondly, you have flexibility.  Let’s say your meeting gets extended and you need to stay another day or two. No flight changes or rental car issues.  You simply focus on the task at hand. What if you have an urgent matter to attend to in another branch of your company or with a client? No problem. With a Switchblade Flying Sports Car, you just drive to the nearest airport, swing out the wings that are safely protected beneath clamshell doors in the belly of your vehicle, fly to your destination, swing the wings in and retract the tail, and drive to your final destination. You can fly at up to 175 mph and on the ground,… well let’s just say it’s a very fast sporty car.

A third benefit of a flying car, and one so obvious that it might be overlooked, is the savings – in both purchase price and operating costs – of having one very efficient vehicle instead of a separate car and separate plane.  The variety of car models is endless, the choices for single engine aircraft, numerous. While this third benefit is worthy of an article on it’s own, the point is certainly something to consider here.

Ultimately, you are the one who best knows your business and what missions you face on a weekly basis.  Determining how exactly a flying car could help you achieve your mission, is of course entirely up to you.

Switchblade Flying Car:

  • Seats (2)
  • Range:  350 miles
  • Cruise speed in the air:  160 mph
  • Estimated gas mileage driving :  40 mpg
  • Estimated purchase price:  $150,000.

–  Virginia Hall

Switchblade, Samson Sky, Skybrid, and Skybrid Technology are trademarks or registered marks, and are used with permission on these pages.

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