FAN interview with Brian Purdy, Ken Chatham II & Ken Chatham Sr. – Host Ben Coleman

April 22, 2016

What is the Switchblade? Brian describes it as the first flying sports car, a new way of thinking about travel, freedom. Some of the features of the instrument panel are described as well as the Motus V-4 engine. The action of the wing swing mechanism is shown in a video clip. As an Angel Flight pilot, Ken II plans to use the Switchblade to fly (and drive) people to the hospital. Owners of a driver education school, Ken and Ken feel that safety is of primary importance and they describe some of the Switchblade’s safety features, why they plan to utilize the Samson Builder Assist program, and why they have had no doubt that the Switchblade was going to become a reality, after first speaking with Switchblade designer Sam Bousfield at Oshkosh 2009.

The direct YouTube link is:

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