Exploring Hawaii in a Flying Car

May 23, 2016

Hawaii is a magical place, with so many islands and amazing places to explore. Many people think there is no way you could possibly improve on what is often called “paradise”. But what if you had a flying car while you were traveling there?

Instead of worrying about ferry schedules, wasting your precious time waiting around, or driving in island traffic, you would simply drive to your nearest airport and fly to an airport or landing strip close to where you wanted to go. Very relaxed, very fun!  Kauai, my family’s favorite island, has 3 small airports in addition to the main one in Lihue. On Oahu, there are also 3 local airports, so you don’t even have to deal with Honolulu International.

Traveling between islands in Hawaii certainly expands your experience. But have you ever tried to do that via commercial airlines – on a budget? Forget it. And again, just like the ferries, you’re stuck with what their schedule is. Once when our family was staying on Kauai, we wanted to fly to Maui, to do a dolphin excursion for the afternoon, but the flight costs quickly made us abandon that idea.

Speaking of Kauai, the Na Pali Coast, spanning 16 miles of rugged terrain along the northwest side of the island, has some of the most breathtaking views that could ever be imagined!  We treated ourselves to a helicopter excursion there and I can tell you that the 45 minutes was over way too soon. That coast is near the top of my list for places to go in my Switchblade Flying Car. Of course you can’t fly into the steep canyons and skim by the waterfalls like the helicopters do, but just flying along the gorgeous cliffs, over that gem colored ocean – for as long as I want – will be an awesome experience!

And what about using your flying car to travel from one side of an island to the other? You have the option to drive or fly whatever part of the trip you want to. You can relax, enjoy spectacular views from the air, and avoid traffic. And with a flying car, the trip itself is great plus you end up having more time for whatever else you most enjoy – in our case hiking, kayaking, and our favorite activity:  snorkeling.

Two years ago we were on Oahu and rented a charming little beach house on the North Shore. We could walk across the back lawn, step down onto the secluded beach, and be literally 20 feet away from snorkeling with the wonderful green sea turtles. They have been protected there for years and have really made a come back.  While we kept our distance from them on the beach and in the water, some of these amazing creatures were not very concerned about our presence – especially when they were napping on the sunny beach.

It was hard to leave our little “paradise” but most days we had plans to see more of the family and do things on the other side of the island – which sometimes took 1 ½ of driving, each way, if we were dealing with Honolulu traffic. Congestion in paradise. Not so fun! With a flying car, we could have gone much more A to B, gotten fantastic views from above and had more time with the turtles on “our beach” and with our family on the other parts of the island. If you ask me, this mode of travel gives you the best of both worlds. And that’s what I want when I travel in Hawaii!

–  Virginia Hall

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