Jeff Tensfeldt & Leanne Terry

Jeff Tensfeldt & Leanne Terry

Jeff Tensfeldt

Aeronautical Engineer, Pilot, Kit Aircraft Builder, Motorcyclist, Defense Program Manager

Leanne Terry

Beekeeper, Small Business Owner, Motorcyclist

The Switchblade brings the joy of flying and riding together in this amazing flying and driving vehicle.

As other designers and builders have been advancing their versions of flying vehicles that can also be driven on roads, I’ve been most impressed with Sam Bousfield and the Samson Team for the ingenious way they’ve engineered the best features into the Switchblade to make it a flying sportscar that is both fast and affordable.  Still keeping the comfort, safety and feel of a responsive sportscar, figuring out how to store the wings for driving and swinging the wings to a fixed position for flight, made the Switchblade both faster and much less expensive than several other flying car designs.

Having had to hangar my airplane at an airport for two decades to enjoy flying, I’m thrilled to know that I can keep the Switchblade in the garage at home, take an easy drive to the muni airport for flying travel, and not have to rent a car on the other end.  This provides a whole new aspect of convenience in our personal travel.  It will even give us flexibility in our business travel!

Leanne and I have enjoyed Harley road trips for years, all over the Northeast, Nova Scotia, the Southeast and Southwest.  We’re already talking about trip plans in the Switchblade.  And just like riding the Harleys, getting there will be as fun as the destination, but even faster and covering more ground.  The Switchblade brings the joy of flying and riding together in this amazing flying and driving vehicle.  We’re excited about the Samson Sky progress this year, and getting to First Flight!  We’re looking forward to meeting Sam and Martha, the Samson team, and the other owners at EAA Oshkosh in July!

Jeff Tensfeldt – Massachusetts, USA