John Thompson

John Thompson

John Thompson – 

IT Manager, Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor

As a flight instructor, I would love to pass on my joy of flying and teach my daughter how to fly in our Switchblade.

I first became aware of the Switchblade back in 2007. At that time, a colleague indicated his desire to become a pilot and then purchase the Switchblade, the flying sports car. Having never heard of the Switchblade before that time, and as a long time pilot, I was, to say the least, quite intrigued by the concept. I had never owned a plane at that point but had rented plenty and my concern had been, and continues to be, how to keep the cost of flying as reasonable as possible. The Switchblade does all that and more.

Fast forward to Spring of 2017 and my interest in the Switchblade persisted. I could not let a great opportunity pass me by. I had been watching the amazing progress of the Switchblade’s development and decided the time was right to make the purchase and become an owner. I can’t be any more delighted to be a part of an amazing team and continue with watch with eagerness for first flight and eventually, production.

When the day comes to build my own flying sports car, I will be a very excited and happy man. My wife and I have family and friends all over the US who we would love to be able to easily visit. The Switchblade fulfills that mission easily. As big pro football fans, we would love to take in a game in every stadium in the country, and again, the Switchblade makes this quite easy, fun, and economical. In fact, as we thought about it, taking in a game at every professional baseball, hockey and possibly basketball stadium would be equally fun.

Traveling in our Switchblade – with the option to fly or drive – will open up all these opportunities. As a flight instructor, I would love to pass on my joy of flying and teach my daughter how to fly in our Switchblade. (See photo of us at the Samson booth – Oshkosh 2017.) We’ll be getting the dual controls option, to be all set for that training.

As I continue to watch the Samson Motors team bring the Switchblade ever closer to first flight, my excitement grows and grows. Keep up the great work, TEAM! This has been an exciting journey and I look forward to taking my new ride into the wild blue!

John Thompson – Illinois, USA