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We did mention that the Switchblade is a high-performance vehicle, didn’t we? Race and Sports training will be available from our main facility, and mostly likely from other regional centers as well.

While too early to completely describe, let’s just say that the unique abilities of the Switchblade offer an outstanding opportunity to run a semi-professional as well as an amateur race series.

For those with racing in their blood and an addiction to adrenalin, we hope you won’t be too bored with the possibilities of straightening out the corners and wrapping up the rev’s to push your skills to the limits, both in the air and on the ground!

Samson is establishing training programs for pilots, racing, and advanced driving skills. Individuals move at their own pace through each program, assisted by coaches and licensed instructors. The purpose of each training program is for the student to gain the abilities established as benchmarks for each program, and to be able to demonstrate those skills and abilities in practice.

Pilot Training
The Private Pilot Course includes both theory and practice. The two are balanced to achieve a faster rate of progress than imagined previously, and combined with computer simulation training and student drilling to perfect and hone your abilities in an economical fashion.

We take care to go step-by-step to build confidence and certainty as you learn a new skill. When it may appear confusing, we know to step back and take it more gradually so you gain the full understanding and skill level that we know you are capable of. The end result we are looking for is for you to exhibit the skills required of a private pilot.

Race Training
Racing the Switchblade will take honing your skills in both air and ground, and there will be certain safety requirements and protocols that will need to be understood and practiced to make a safe and fun race. While the details of the racing venue will be released at a later date, potential race teams can sign up in advance for updates and notifications to make sure they are ready for the big day.

It is unrealistic to set up a race when the vehicle is not flying yet, so we won’t get into details, or make promises we can’t keep. We do intend to establish a race venue, and are looking for like-minded individuals who could field a team for what we feel will be a very futuristic race venue. It would be one-of-a-kind, no matter what we did, due to the vehicle capabilities.

Advanced Driver Skills Training
Whether you are looking to be hired as a chauffeur, or simply desire greater skills as a driver, our advanced driver training is there for you. In a world that keeps you on your toes, having excellent driving skills gives one certainty that no matter the situation, you can move with speed and confidence when demanded. Having a vehicle capable of advanced maneuvering is one thing. Being trained to take advantage of that capability is quite another.

When you are finished with advanced driver training, you will have demonstrated an extremely high skill level in handling the vehicle on the ground, and will have the photo images and certificate to show others.

Until the world catches up with Samson’s progress, and flying car licenses are common place, two individual licenses will be required to utilize the Switchblade to the fullest. There are differences in the way some countries and states view the Switchblade, but licensing can be accomplished in almost any place in the world.

In most areas, your automobile driver license will allow operation on the ground. In some states and countries, you will need to take an additional written test for motorcycle operation, as we are classed as a motorcycle in the US and many other countries due to having three wheels.

Registration for ground use is accomplished by scheduling a time to bring the vehicle to the local Department of Motor Vehicles or your equivalent of this. There are guidelines for a safety inspection, then the registration is secured and you are set to travel. CLICK HERE for links to US DMV sites.

Registration for flight is achieved by an inspection from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or your equivalent to this agency. This is scheduled after completion of the build, and can be done before painting if desired. The inspector will check the overall weight and balance to make sure it falls within the design parameters of the vehicle, and to insure that the minimum flight instruments are included in the vehicle. You will then be given your registration and an aircraft number that is to be painted on the tail boom so that it is visible when you are in flight mode.

A private pilot certificate (license) is needed to fly the Switchblade. By completing your Switchblade, and then using it as the vehicle you train in, you will save nearly 35% of the cost of training. By doing your training in the exact vehicle that you will be flying, you will be better prepared for your future flying career.

Two insurance companies have preliminarily agreed to insure the Switchblade. There will be an Insurance Manager at Samson to assist purchasers with their insurance, and the Cross-over training that is included with each kit can be used by existing pilots to seek a reduced insurance rate. For those who train exclusively in their Switchblades, we have reason to believe that you will receive an equally reduced insurance premium.

Insurance for pilots is a relationship to the amount of hours you have flown that type of aircraft, and your history of accidents. By keeping your accident rate down, and by utilizing the Switchblade often, you will steadily lower your rates. The one benefit from having a vehicle that both drives and flies is that it can be used frequently. That means you should be gaining hours far faster than a typical weekend pilot, and your certainty and your safety record should be well above average due to the frequent use of your flying skills and constant practice.

Your best insurance is always to be trained to the highest standards and operate as professionally as possible in all modes of transportation.