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ceo of samson sky's switchblade standing next to prototype

NBC News

December 15, 2020

Uber has offloaded its Elevate unit, but flying taxis are still taking off

Interest in flying cars and taxis has only grown as the country’s highways have become increasingly crowded. … Read More


African Pilot

December, 2020

Urban Mobility: Flying Cars

The promise of the Switchblade is a quantum leap in personal transportation, effectively transforming the mundane experience of A to B travel into the magical freedom of flight. … Read More

image with ktvz news channel 21 logo showing samson sky flying car doing speed test

KTVZ News Channel 21

October 27, 2020

Prineville’s ‘flying car’ maker touts 88 mph speed in runway test run

Yes, that’s the DeLorean’s time-travel speed in ‘Back to the Future’ … Read More

image with AutoBlog logo showing samson sky flying car doing speed test


October 26, 2020

Flying car achieves 88 mph takeoff speed — no flaming tire tracks, though

Like Doc Brown’s DeLorean, it will transform to take flight. Great Scott! A flying car outfit says that its V4-powered vehicle has achieved 88 mph on a runway … Read More

nhpress review thumb 565

New Hampshire Business Review

August 14, 2020

New law could help flying car industry take off in NH

Roadable aircraft are just a few years away from hitting the skies, roads … Read More

forbes samson


July 31, 2020

Registering Your Flying Car In New Hampshire Is Easy Thanks To The ‘Jetson Bill’

The dream of the “flying car” has captured public imagination since the post WWII era but it has always been checked by reality. Flying isn’t the same as driving and despite a few actual road-air vehicles being available – from the Aerocar in 1949 to today’s Samson Switchblade… Read More

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July 28, 2020

New Hampshire Opens its Roads to Flying Cars

Taking a step toward a dream over a century in the making, New Hampshire became the first state in the nation to open its public highways to flying cars when Gov. Chris Sununu signed a transportation bill,… Read More

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December 19, 2019

Commissioners Okay Incentive To Bring Samson Sky To Charlotte County

Flying cars made in Southwest Florida might prove true now that Charlotte County approved an incentive to get “Samson Sky” to build its manufacturing facility here. But, the transportation technology company is still… Read More