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Corporate Fleet Sales

Samson will design a fleet of Switchblade vehicles tailored for your corporate needs. Corporate transportation currently depends upon having the right aircraft for the mission. While long distances are not the strong suit of the Switchblade, mid-range and multi-destination hops provide definite advantages for our line of vehicles over both commercial flights and existing executive flight options.

The point-to-point travel afforded by the Switchblade carries a significant savings in time, as one can avoid automobile traffic in and out of major airports, the security screening delays, the wait at the terminal for a flight that may be delayed, the wait for baggage and ground transport at the end of the flight, and all of the above on the return flight home.

With the Switchblade, you can travel on a schedule of your choosing, utilizing smaller, more convenient airports located closer to both destination and departure. Have plans changed en route? You have the option to alter your destination or return to home base. Compared to traditional corporate aircraft, the cost of operation of the Switchblade is such that flight can be utilized by a much broader range of corporate personnel, saving time at many levels of the company.

The Switchblade has been called the “Flying Ferrari” by many, and while the corporate jet or turboprop remains at the airport, the Switchblade goes with you and represents your company from door to door.

Samson has a Corporate Sales Department dedicated to providing elegant service to the corporate world, with customization options, servicing arrangements, fleet pricing, and the opportunity to set yourself above the crowd. Please contact our Corporate Sales directly at: (530) 878-4808, or use our contact form to reach us.


Quality service for governments, and the availability of highly custom options, are unique to Samson Sky. In most cases, governments are exempt from the rules concerning Experimental Aircraft construction, allowing government agencies to purchase fully built, customized vehicles for their specific use. Current  interest for agency use includes:

  • Immediate Wildfire Suppression
  • Emergency Services
  • Personnel Transport
  • Search & Rescue
  • Game Warden
  • Postal Service
  • Border Patrol
  • Police

Our Government Services Department is interested in meeting the needs of  the Government Sector in countries around the world by providing quality service at competitive prices. We stand ready to review individual requirements for specific needs, and to propose the optimum solutions for your organization. To find out about potential cost savings to your agency through the use of the Switchblade, please contact our Government  Services Department in the USA at: (855) 772-6766, or use our contact form.